Here awaits the biggest wine tasting event in the Claustre del Convent de Santo Domingo of 2016

If you like a decent glass of wine and also if you are fascinated to know more about Mallorca wines, here is an occasion you can’t miss the chance if you are staying in Puerto Pollensa resort: the wine celebration in April.

One of Mallorca’s most prominent wine fair and business sector which is structured since 2004 by Pollença’s association with “Primitive wine” and is upheld by Pollença’s Town Council. It a very popular wine event for the tourist and locals where the wines are accessible from Baleric Islands. The fair begins on 16th April at 10 am and closes at 8.30 on Saturday and on 17th April closes at 2pm on Sunday.


Pollensa wine Fair is generally celebrated in April in Saint Domingo’s Cloister. The guests in large numbers keep coming yearly, that is one reason this fair has turned into a location in the island and also a noteworthy vacation destination, with a tremendous number of guests more represented there is also more specialised variety in the wine range and also in the food industry.

The principle characteristic of Mallorcan wine is its variety of collection of wines. Contrasts in atmosphere, elevation, soil etc. Thus gives the wine created here a tremendous scope of taste, so there’s something to suit everyone. Initially brought by the Romans, the grapes and generation of wine on the island soon discovered acclaim for their quality and the Philosopher Pliny the Elder waxed expressive about Balearic wine being just as great as Italian wine more than 2000 years prior.


A significant number of the wines are chosen to take part in the fair have won honours and this Pollensa Wine fair is an awesome way of exploring the wines of this part. An entrance ticket is charged which permits you to taste the wines which is displayed. All the wine is, obviously, likewise available to be purchased.

So all the wine and food lovers Pollensa wine fair  awaits for you to come and enjoy with your loved ones…