Eating out in Pollensa is also fantastic. Holidaymakers may find variety of cafes and restaurants in Pollensa at the wonderful promenade area of Puerto Pollensa and enjoy the Mallorcan cuisine, traditional tapas, international dishes and fresh seafood. Puerto Pollensa offers the best dining and wining opportunities to its visitors with its lively Pollensa restaurants and cafes lined up by the sea front and on the Pine Walk area along the Pollensa Bay.

As for what to eat in Pollensa (Puerto Pollensa); one of the most widely found specialities, served as a first course are the typical Mallorcan soups. They are far from being of the consommé type, are a nourishing blend of vegetables, thinly cut slices of (brown) bread, onion and tomato. Also there is never a shortage of greens in the local dishes.

Another very typical dish is the tumbet, a ratatouille-like baked vegetable dish, usually cooked in a greixera (casserole) and containing aubergines (eggplant), potatoes, peppers and tomato.

As for meat, the popular local roast sucking pig, and the so-called escaldums, duck or turkey stews with potatoes and almonds is a must eat. Loin of pork with cabbage is another choise. There is also the famed Mallorcan spicy red sausage spread, sobrasada, made of finely diced pork, seasoning, paprika and cayenne pepper.

The local fish and seafood dishes are also great.

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